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SITNISATI Dreamscape 2.5 pour 3DS Max EDU

Plugin pour 3DS MAX 2009-2014 - DreamScape is sophisticated set of 3DS MAX plug-ins for creating and rendering realistic landscapes, seascapes, skies, clouds, outdoor lighting and more. In contrast to other terrain creation tools for 3DS MAX, DreamScape Terra uses new rendering technologies that occupy much less of your computers memory (RAM) making it possible to render large detailed terrains on even a modest system. An intuitive and friendly user interface will allow you to easily tweak terrain properties, interactively paint elevation, and even to apply erosion effects. We have created an API for those who would like to create custom filters for terrain processing and modification. DreamScape's Terra also allows importing standard DEM, SDTS and Terragen files. The possibilities are unlimited.

Pour plus d'information, veuillez visiter cette page web.
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2 x SITNISATI FumeFX 3.5 pour 3DS Max EDU (incl. 2 FumeFX SL)
1 x SITNISATI FumeFX 3.5 pour Maya EDU (incl. 1 FumeFX SL and 5 Fume
1 x SITNISATI AfterBurn 4.1 pour 3DS Max EDU
1 x SITNISATI Dreamscape 2.5 pour 3DS Max EDU
1 x SITNISATI FumeFX 3.5 and AfterBurn 4.1 Bundle pour 3DS Max EDU
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